Brandon Baun

A marketing campaign to hire vital healthcare roles at Messiah Lifeways.

I served an integral role in the 2020 hiring campaign including art direction, visual design, copywriting, and photography.

During the pandemic, healthcare team members were in short supply so our team launched a hiring campaign targeting CNAs, NAs, LPNs, and more. These roles mostly consisted of a younger demographic, so the messaging, visual design, and advertising mediums were created and selected to attract that audience. The result was lively, dancing figures washed in colored light set against vibrant, pop color backgrounds. The visuals — reminiscent of the classic silhouetted iTunes ads — expressed youthfulness and countered certain associations of working in a retirement community.

Paired with the fresh and sprightly visuals was pithy, clever copy that combined slang and marketing messaging. Additionally, the advertising mediums chosen included Google SEM, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The careers webpage design was also consistent with the campaign since all ads directed users there. The goal was to increase applicants from the target demographic through compelling ads and messaging, and ultimately fill open healthcare positions.