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The InterContinental life
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InterContinental Hotels & Resorts is an international hotel travel brand renowned for their alluring destinations and distinctive style. I worked as a UX/UI Designer on an interdisciplinary team that included designers, copyrighters, project managers, AEM architects, developers, and more.

A New Destination

Migration to AEM

IHG Hotels & Resorts, parent brand of InterContinental, sought a new CMS capable of building and managing websites, content, and assets at scale. The challenge was creating websites for hotels that spanned the globe and ensuring all adhered to the new InterContinental brand. Additionally, content from these hotel websites needed to be authorable by the hotels themselves given their unique services, attractions, facilities, and destinations.

Phase One

Creating an AEM Design System

The first step to this project was creating a design system based on InterContinental’s refreshed brand that was compatible with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) — this was the CMS chosen to solve IC’s problem. AEM contains core components that are the building blocks for design and development. The design system, then, consisted of these core components and a few custom components (additional cost and effort).

The Brand vs. The Hotel

Phase Two

Two sets of templates were created using the design system from phase one: one for the InterContinental brand and one for hotel websites. The brand template would allow users to browse hotels, view event and wedding services, loyalty programs, press releases, and exclusive packages and offers. The hotel template served real hotels, with content such as rooms and suites, amenities, dining, local attractions, and more.

Brand hero

Hotel Hero

A World of New Adventures

Brand Templates

The brand templates consisted of a range of pages such as hotels & resorts, residences, and loyalty. One new addition our team made was an experience page that provided users the ability to browse by their desired experience. Once they selected their experience, they could explore regions and locations with hotels offering that service.

Dynamic Design

Hotel Templates

A core requirement of hotel templates was author-ability. In other words, content authors needed to leverage the design for their unique hotel content. The challenge was creating components and layouts that could serve this purpose. Design needed to be flexible to account for unique content needs while retaining boundaries to ensure solid user experience.

Building for Mobile

Responsive Design

Retaining functionality and clean design, from small screens to big. The InterContinenal site was built to be responsive.