Brandon Baun

Messiah Lifeways is a non-profit that provides residences, care, and lifestyle services for older adults.
I managed the Messiah Lifeways website including design and development, UX and visual design, content updates for service lines, mobile optimization, and more.

The Messiah Lifeways website provides information for senior living residences, care options, lifestyle services, ministries, careers, giving, and more. Action points include contact, member, and booking forms, applications, as well as CTAs to 3rd parties.

Sitemap & Architecture

Since there are so many disparate services on offer, the key improvement was the main navigation. To make information more findable for users, I categorized services into Residences — users interested in on-campus living, Care Options — those seeking nursing, memory, or other types of care, and Lifestyle — those looking for enrichment through wellness, learning, and more.

A Redesigned Navigation & Footer

A top bar with important information on things like COVID-19 and payments, and a simple, sticky navigation with drop-downs for services. The footer featured the “Life. Embraced.” slogan, location, social media, important quick-links, and a mailing list sign-up connected to Mailchimp. Both were optimized for tablet and mobile devices as well.




One of the most popular services offered deserved a well designed page, clean with beautiful banners and important program information. Additionally, I implemented a sticky sub-navigation so users could jump around with ease given the volume of information, no matter where they were on the page.


During the pandemic, healthcare team members were in short supply so our team launched a hiring campaign targeting CNAs, NAs, LPNs, and more. I served an integral role including campaign design, copywriting, photography, visual design, and web design. The careers page was of vital importance since digital ads and other communications were directing users there. It needed to be consistent with the campaign’s visual design and functional so that users could apply for roles, see hiring events, and find information about benefits.

Responsive Design

It was crucial that the page be responsive to mobile devices given the traffic the ad campaign brought in from mobile browsers, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Personal Care

Problem Statement

Apartments for personal care neighborhoods had many different floor plans prospects could choose from. The challenge was putting these floor plans on the website for users to browse, view details, and inquire about. I also wanted to ensure the solution conserved as much page real estate as possible (no endless scrolling) because of the number of floor plans and the details and media each had.


  1. A horizontal scrolling carousel that automatically rotated every few seconds solved the browsing problem. This way, ten or more floor plans could be displayed without users having to scroll vertically for long periods.

  2. Pop-ups triggered by carousel item selection solved the details and inquiring problem. Inspired by Zillow’s UX and UI, I designed and developed two column pop-ups that scrolled independently. The left contained videos, pictures, and the actual floor plan. The right had key information such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, support packages offered, neighborhood, campus location, as well as share, contact, and tour CTAs & forms.


Given the quick turnaround required, there wasn’t much time to spend exploring the UX process. Wireframing and user-testing would have been enormously insightful. Ultimately, the solutions reached and visual design created were improvements on what came before, and leave the user with a better experience.